2019 2rd International Conference on Smart Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation (SMIMA 2019) aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of Smart Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

(01) Materials behavior /材料状态

(02) Casting and solidification /铸造和凝固

(03) Powder metallurgy and ceramic forming /粉末冶金和陶瓷成型

(04) Surface, subsurface, and interface phenomena /表面,次表面和界面现象

(05) Coatings and surface engineering /涂料和表面工程

(06) Composite materials /复合材料

(07) Materials forming /材料成型

(08) Machining /材料加工

(09) Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing /纳米材料和纳米制造

(10) Biomedical manufacturing /生物医学制造业

(11) Environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes and systems /环境可持续的制造过程和系统

(12) Manufacturing process planning and scheduling /制造过程计划和调度

(13) Meso/micro manufacturing equipment and processes /中/微制造设备和工艺

(14) Modeling, analysis, and simulation of manufacturing processes /制造过程的建模,分析和模拟

(15) Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering /计算机辅助设计,制造和工程

(16) Semiconductor materials manufacturing /半导体材料制造

(17) Laser based manufacturing /基于激光的制造

(18) Precision molding processes /精密成型工艺

(19) Joining processes /连接工艺

(20) Rapid manufacturing technologies /快速制造技术

(21) Nontraditional manufacturing /非传统制造业

(22) Nanofabrication, nanometrology and applications /纳米加工,纳米计量学和应用

(23) Metrology and measurement /计量和测量

Other Related Topics /其他相关主题

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