Welcome Boris Gurenko from Southern Federal University, Russia to be committee member!

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Boris Gurenko, Head of the Control and Navigation Department, Southern Federal University, Russia (click) 

Research Area:

Microcontroller device for robot control, Digital signal processing,Control theory, Methods of artificial intelligence

Research experience:


2011-2012: Development of control and telecommunication system for unmanned airship

2012-2014: Development of a technical project for a number of prospective typical AUV platforms

Development of a control system for standard AUV platforms

2013-2015: Research and development of adaptation methods for position-trajectory control systems of mobile vehicles

2016-2017: Development of a two-loop adaptation method for position-trajectory control systems using robust perturbation observers and reference models

2017-present: Development of theoretical foundations and intellectual methods of control the terminal state of mobile objects under conditions of uncertainty


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