Welcome Dr. Changchun Yang from Jiujang University, China to be committee member!

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Dr. Changchun Yang, Jiujang University, China (click)

Research area:

Non-destructive testing techniques

Research experience:

Thermal stress corrosion theory to study the performance impact of low-temperature, high-voltage, under mechanical load environments for fiberglass reinforced epoxy composite insulators during the process of production and use, to produce major defects such as porosity, inclusions, stratification and cracks and the inside surface of the material. Analysis and study of deterioration mechanism under single or comprehensive factors, such as thermal shock, stress impact and partial discharge deterioration factors, for glass fiber epoxy composites insulators performance enhancements, and use Related artificially accelerated deterioration to test performance-related, so as to achieve the purpose of composite insulators guarantee long-term reliable operation.

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