Welcome Assoc.Prof. Ervina Efzan Mhd Noor from Multimedia University, Malaysia to be committee member!

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Assoc.Prof. Ervina Efzan Mhd Noor, Multimedia University, Malaysia (click)

Research area:

Solder, composite, aluminum alloy, electronic materials, energy

Research experience:

Associate Professor Dr. Ervina Efzan is Deputy Director for Research Management Centre at Multimedia University (MMU) . Her research is focused primarily to soldering, intermetallic and alloys, aluminium foam and nano-structured metal fabricated by powder metallurgy, mechanical alloying and nanomaterial. Dr. Ervina’s research interest also covers metal joining using friction welding, spot welding and soldering techniques. She has more than 20 international publications including chapter in books, book and one Malaysian Patent. Currently, Dr. Ervina is actively involved as reviewer in journals including Journal of Alloys and Compound, Powder Metallurgy, Materials Science and Technology and Soldering and Mount technology. She is also actively involved in consultancy for various government institutions and private companies including conducted training courses for Dyson Sdn. Bhd., CTRM Sdn. Bhd., Infineon Sdn Bhd and Ministry of Health, Malaysia

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